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Innovation Factory

A corner stone of Pioneers’ model is to constantly bring innovation to our clients manufacturing operations. Innovation is a very broad term and is increasingly being used by business as a necessary part of a company’s strategy to survive and compete. Often companies lack the human or financial resources and the expertise required to achieve meaningful advances that drive improved profits.

Our Innovation Factory service can help to reveal the hidden relationships in your process, find projects that will yield the highest overall returns, conduct risk free experimentation, find trouble spots and more.

Think of your manufacturing operation as a collection of products and resources that should work together in an efficient and effective manner. Each of the products and processes are related in some way or another and together they define the way your company works and ultimately succeeds. Pioneers’ Innovation Factory service offers a way to virtually map and evaluate all of the relationships between products and processes and find ways to make the overall result better, faster or cheaper. All of this with no risk, no disruption to your current operation.

No Risk! Pioneer Development will send a consultant to your facilities and at the end of that day, if we don’t think we can improve your overall process, we pick up all expenses.

Where do you need help?

  • Do you wonder if your processes can be improved and made more efficient?
  • Does your equipment need to be replaced or repaired?
  • Do you really need all that manual labour?
  • Are the products you make designed using the most appropriate materials or geometry?
  • Can new manufacturing methods be implemented to create a meaningful and disruptive advance?

Technical Services

Pioneer offers a variety of services to help our clients with their innovation process including reverse engineering, CAD model development, optimization of parts for 3D printing, Tooling design and manufacturing, process mapping and optimization, and SR&ED project management. Often the experimental development activity involved in this activity will qualify for SR&ED tax credit refunds. Ask us how we are able to integrate a comprehensive technical and financial solution for your innovation process.

We have state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems for mechanical design, as well as complete tools and equipment facility. Our engineers and resources deliver solutions optimized for functionality, manufacturability and the competitive market.

Pioneer Development’s contract engineering service helps clients on a temporary or on an as-needed basis. Assignments can be 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year – it depends on your needs.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering using 3D scan data is the most efficient way to generate a CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or freeform shape. While in some situations we use more traditional measurement techniques such as calipers or CMM data to reverse engineer the products depending on complexity and overall project requirements. The 3D scan data can easily be turned into a model representing the models as built shape in what we call a point cloud. More often we are involved in the more detailed work of creating models that match original as-designed features - even parametric ones particularly for assembled products.

Let Pioneer help you:

  • Obtain CAD data that captures an object's original design intent
  • Design a new part to fit to a legacy part
  • Update CAD models of your tooling to match shop-floor changes
  • Redesign a part without manufacturing defects
  • Redesign existing products for a modernized manufacturing process

Our consultative, problem solving process geared towards innovative results will help you identify performance criteria and ultimately get the results you need.

CAD/Design Services

We help our clients with 3D modelling and rendering as well as model design and detail prints for mechanical systems and tooling. Whether its modelling from existing details or development of totally new mechanical designs, Pioneer can satisfy your project requirements. When we are offering CAD design services along with our Innovation Factory services, we can offer prototypes manufactured with leading edge additive manufacturing technologies and work through prototype design change implementation quickly resulting in timely delivery of functional components and assemblies.


Pioneer works with you to develop and manufacture innovative tooling for assembly, work holding, robotic end of arm tooling or other manufacturing equipment by integrating our various services and leading edge additive manufacturing.

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